Sustainability and Perspectives
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Sustainability and Perspectives

Details Implementing improved governance of tenure in fisheries (2013)

Details Organic Agriculture: African Experiences in Resilience and Sustainability (2013)

Details Organic agriculture and the law (2012)

Details Proceedings of the global market access conference (2012)

Details Climate Change and Food Systems Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa (2011)



Details GOMA Scoping Study for Equivalence and Harminization of Organic Standards and Technical Regulations in the Asia Region (2010)

Details Organic Agriculture in Protected Areas - The Italian Experience (2010)

Details Agricultura orgánica en áreas protegidas. La experiencia italiana. (2010)

Details Comparative Analysis of Organic and Non-Organic Farming Systems: A Critical Assessment of Farm Profitability (2009)

Details Glossary on Organic Agriculture (2009)

Details Low Greenhouse Gas Agriculture: Mitigation and Adaptation Potential of Sustainable Farming Systems (2009)

Details Samoa Biofuel Study Report (2009)

Details Sustainable Organic School Meals in Italian Schools (2009)

Details The Vanuatu Organic Cocoa Growers Association (VOCGA): A Case Study of Agriculture for Growth in the Pacific (2009)

Details Conceptual Framework on the Assessment of the Impact of Organic Agriculture on the Economies of Developing Countries (2007)

Details Organic Agriculture and Access to Food (2007)

Details Organic Agriculture and Environmental Stability of the Food Supply (2007)

Details Organic Agriculture and Food Availability (2007)

Details Organic Agriculture and Food Security (2007)

Details Organic Agriculture and Food Security in Africa (2007)

Details Organic Agriculture and Food Utilization (2007)

Details SARD and Organic Agriculture (2007)

Details SARD and Organic Agriculture (2007)

Details L'ADRD et ... l¿agriculture biologique (2007)

Details Guía de Campo de los Cultivos Andinos (2007)

Details La ADRS y... la agrícultura orgánica (2007)

Details FAO Views on Organic Agriculture and Food Security (2006)

Details Key Lessons Learned (1994-2006) in the Special Programme for Food Security (2006)

Details Ecole paysanne en agriculture biologique: approche et expérience tunisienne (2006)

Details Conversion à l'agriculture biologique: défis pour le futur (2006)

Details Reglementations, normes et certification pour l'exportation de produits agricoles (2006)

Details Environmental and Macroeconomic Impact Assessment of Different Development Scenarios to Organic and Low-Input Farming in Croatia (2005)

Details The Scope of Organic Agriculture, Sustainable Forest Management and Ecoforestry in Protected Area Management (2004)

Details Organic Agriculture (2003)

Details World Agriculture: Towards 2015/2030. An FAO perspective (2003)

Details Agricultura orgánica, ambiente y seguridad alimentaria (2003)

Details Agricultura Orgánica: una herramienta para el desarrollo rural sostenible y la reducción de la pobreza (2003)

Details الزراعة في العالم: صوب 2015 / 2030 (2003)

Details Food Security and the Environment (2002)

Details Organic Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (2002)

Details Organic Agriculture, Environment and Food Security (2002)

Details World Agriculture: Towards 2015/2030. Summary Report (2002)

Details Agricultura mundial: hacia los años 2015/2030. Informe resumido (2002)

Details Agriculture mondiale: horizon 2015/2030. Rapport abrégé (2002)

Details New and Emerging Issues Affecting Commodity Markets (2001)

Details L'Agriculture Biologique au Senegal (2001)

Details Le Marchés Mondiaux des Fruits et Légumes Biologiques (2001)

Details Factors Influencing Organic Agriculture Policies with a Focus on Developing Countries (2000)

Details Opportunities and Constraints of Organic Agriculture: a Socio-Ecological Analysis (2000)

Details Los pequeños estanques: Grandes integradores de la producción agropecuaria y la cría de peces (2000)

Details Des petits étangs font toute la différence: Intégrer le poisson aux cultures et à l'élevage du bétail (2000)

Details Organic Agriculture Documents Presented to the FAO/Netherlands Multifunctional Conference on Agriculture and Land (1999)

Details Evaluating the Potential Contribution of Organic Agriculture to Sustainability Goals (1998)

Details The Green Revolution Revisited: New Needs, New Strategies (1995)

Details Trade Restrictions Affecting International Trade in Non-Wood Forest Products (1995)

Details La révolution verte: nouvelle formule (1995)

Details Balance de la Revolución Verde: nuevas necesidades, nuevas estrategias (1995)