Sustainability and Perspectives
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Sustainability and Perspectives

Details Association of Ecological Producer Organizations in Bolivia (AOPEB)
AOPEB implements ecological and sustainable agriculture for Bolivia. This website provides detailed information about the laws governing environmental protection, and sustainable agriculture. [Available only in Spanish].

Details AlterOrganic: Local Agendas for Organic Agriculture in Rural Development - proceeding of an International Workshop at Bonn - Konigswinter, Germany, October 21-24, 2002
Millions of farmers throughout the world cannot or will not asset the "green revolution"approach to agriculture. What can the principles of organic agriculture - with or without certification - contribute to rural development in the tropics and subtropics? The question was central to an international workshop held in Bonn in October 2002, organized by the German non-governmental organization Agrecol

Details Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA)
ATTRA is the US sustainable farming information centre that links people to information and resources on sustainable agriculture including farming news, workshops and courses, and publications on production practices. The ATTRA web page provides advice from experts, resource guides, and a rich list of links to non-profit organisations, institutions, agricultural directories and virtual libraries. [Available in English and Spanish]. libraries. [Available in English and Spanish].

Details Canadian Organic Growers (COG)
COG is the national information network for organic gardeners, farmers, and consumers in Canada. The site provides information on the organisation and membership, events, publications, an online resource library, a message board (for discussions), an eco-market database of growers, products and services, as well as job and apprenticeships opportunities. [Available only in English].

Details Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS)
The aim of this Australian non-profit organisation is to provide a forum for organic growers to exchange information, and encourage the general public to adopt organic growing methods. The page offers a wide range of general information on organic farming, selected articles, web-links, a discussion forum, and a free expert question and answer service. It covers most information on organic agriculture in Australia, including events, resources, education, statistics, certification, products, and contacts. [Available only in English].

Details CIHEAM
Biopuglia is a project realized by the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, Italy, to promote organic production. The site contains a multimedia information system, which provides 1800 pages of data about the scientific and technical aspects of organic agriculture; a documentation centre, including an on-line library with over 4500 documents, a collection of Biopuglia publications and standards of production; advanced services of Biopuglia for organic farm management and results of research and experimentation. [Available only in Italian].

Details Danish Organic
Provides information on Danish companies and organisations affiliated with organic agriculture, statistics on organic farming in Denmark, summary of developments in Danish organic farming, and international links. [Available only in English and Danish].

Details National Organic Program
This Agricultural Marketing Service site of the US Department of Agriculture provides information about the National Organic Program (NOP). It contains links to the NOP regulations and guidelines, the National Organic Standards Board, NOP policies and news updates as well as other resource materials on organic production. It now features the new National Organic Program policy for apiculture, greenhouse, hydroponics, mushroom, and aquatic animal products. [Available only in English].

Details Nature & Progrès Belgique
This Belgian company covers a wide range of organic issues. It produces a bi-monthly review.

Details Nuevo CD-interactivo de la FAO Oficina Regional para America Latina y el Caribe

Details Organic Agriculture and Fair Trade in West Africa
Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, biodiversity and people. It relies on ecological processes and nutrient cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of external inputs with adverse effects. Organic agriculture combines traditional knowledge, innovation and modern science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved (IFOAM, 2004).

Details Organic Agriculture Perspectives
This is a report prepared for the Conference on Supporting the Diversification of Exports in the Latin America and Caribbean Region through the Development of Organic Agriculture in 2001

Details Purblack: A Guide to Organic Food and More
Explains the importance and value of organic foods and practices for food quality and the environment. An organic movement has promoted the use of safe, organic farming practices in order to prevent the toxic effects of chemicals that are put into the environment. This movement has expanded with environmental changes, food scarcities, and greater health consciousness, and today, organics have grown to include clothing as well as food products.

Details Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica (SEAE)
SEAE was established in 1992 to combine the efforts of farmers, technicians, scientists and others to develop socially, economically and environmentally sustainable agricultural systems. The fundamental objective of ecological agriculture movements is to produce premium food and raw materials while safeguarding the environment and soil fertility through the optimal use of local resources and a stronger focus on rural cultures, ethical values of social development and quality of life. [Available only in Spanish].

Details Soil Association
The Soil Association provides a great deal of information on a variety of organic farming issues. Through their website there is access to over 400 documents in their virtual library and a list of their own publications, which can be purchased on-line. The site also contains an organic directory with details of over 1200 organisations supplying organic goods and services, information about organic standards, and educational resources for both teachers and students. [Available only in English].

Details Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (SAC)
SAC is an alliance of groups that together take common positions on critical US federal agricultural and environmental policy issues and provides financial support for collective representation before the US government. The website contains a wealth of information about US legislation, proposed changes to US law, and latest news regarding sustainable and organic agriculture. [Available only in English].

Details Traditional Use and Availability of Aquatic Biodiversity in Rice-Based Ecosystems: I. Kampong Thom Province, Kingdom of Cambodia
This report, published by FAO as a CD ROM, contains the findings of the first case study of the series Traditional Use and Availability of Aquatic Biodiversity in Rice-Based Ecosystems. It describes the Great Lake, Tonle Sap, ecosystem and ricefield fisheries in Cambodia, explains the scope and limitations of the study, describes the methods used in the study and examines the results obtained. More than 100 species (fishes, reptiles, amphibians crusateceans, molluscs, insects, plants) collected in ricefields and used daily by rural household are presented: the species descriptions and photos are linked to information on collection tools and methods, uses and traditional knowledge.

Details United Nations Economic and Social Commission of Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
ESCAP runs a few programmes working on poverty alleviation through organic agriculture. This website links to the publication Organic Agriculture and Rural Poverty Alleviation: Potential and Best Practices which looks into concepts and practices, export potential, and market developments of small and marginal farmers conversion to organic agriculture. ESCAP has also established an Asia-Pacific Organic Farming and Green Food Information Network information on which can be accessed through the website. [Available only in English].

Details Vida Sana
A Spanish website focused on organic agriculture, consumer responsibility, and environmental protection. Their website features publications on sustainable agriculture, links to environmental periodicals, information on workshops and courses, and links to entities which certify organic products in Spain. [Available only in Spanish].

Details Working out the Kinks: Labor in Sustainable Agriculture
This is a series of excerpts from the FAO review, Ceres, focused on labor in sustainable agriculture and it includes an overview of increased labor on organic farms in developing countries, a bibliography on labor and sustainable agriculture, and a case study in Japan.