FAO in Papua New Guinea
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FAO Priorities

FAO assistance in Papua New Guinea focuses on agriculture and livestock, fisheries, forestry, conservation and rural development; as shaped by the 2018-22 Country Programming Framework (CPF 2018-2022) under three priority areas:

  1. enhanced equitable, productive and sustainable natural resource management (forest, wildlife and fisheries resources);
  2. strengthened resilience for food security and nutrition; and 
  3. sustainable and inclusive economic development and job creation in rural areas (food security and value chain development of agriculture and fisheries). 

Food Security Situation Reports 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its containment measures imposed by the PNG Government and provincial governments, FAO has been conducting Rapid Needs Impact Assessments on the impacts of COVID-19 measures on food security, nutrition, agriculture and livelihoods since May 2020, and so far, has covered 16 provinces. The impact assessment also focuses on the African Swine Fever disease and Fall Armyworm pest awareness to provincial governments and private stakeholders, and identifies existing and potential biosecurity issues and threats in the provinces. The Rapid Needs Impact Assessments found that the measures put in place to contain and prevent the transmission of the coronavirus has limited the provision and access to food especially in the urban areas, due to disruptions in supply chains, food networks, and agricultural and fisheries production and distribution in many areas in the country. In the rural areas, the travel restrictions and main market closures have severely impacted the income of families and small businesses at the household level. These impacts may further exacerbate the already alarming preexisting food insecurity and malnutrition problems in PNG.

Below are Food Security Reports on the Rapid Needs Impact Assessments.