Научно-исследовательские организации

Partnerships with Academia and Research Institutions greatly enhances FAO's ability to eliminate hunger and malnutrition and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. FAO collaborates with higher education institutions actively to mobilize knowledge and innovations, strengthen capacities, provide evidence-based solutions to policy processes and share its own experience from the ground with the academic community.

Partnering with Academia and Research Institutions

Academia are incubators of knowledge. Strategic partnerships with Academia and Research Institutions can generate significant and relevant knowledge to assist Member States address the challenges faced in achieving food and nutrition security. Academia bring independent and diverse perspectives to relevant issues, provide technical expertise, nurture innovation and critical thinking, and can help develop skills and resources essential for current and future needs. 

One of the central goals for partnering with Academia and Research Institutions is to effectively contribute to the delivery of FAO’s Strategic Programs, Regional Initiatives and Country Programming Framework agreed with Member States. Academia engagement can be strategic and catalytic as they can add value by promoting a shared understanding, increasing awareness and mobilizing stakeholders including students, to support action against hunger. In support of the Strategic Programs, the main objectives for partnering with Academia and Research Institutions are to  

  • Mobilize academic knowledge and information resources to directly benefit stakeholders on the ground;
  • Develop capacities, stimulate inter-disciplinary research and disseminate FAO knowledge and experience;
  • Raise academia engagement in multi-stakeholder processes and dialogues on food security and nutrition issues.

Through strategic partnerships, FAO extends and augments its own knowledge, expertise and capacity to deliver in countries and regions. We welcome suggestions for maximizing FAO's impact through strategic partnerships with academic and research community.