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Building peace through agriculture in the Central African Republic
25 Mar 2014
FAO senior officials met today with a high level clerical delegation working in the Central African Republic to talk about FAO’s work in the country and how agriculture can play a role in building peace in the country.    Deputy Director-General for Operations Daniel Gustafson and Emergency and Rehabilitation Division Director Dominique Burgeon, who was recently on a field visit to the Central African Republic, held talks with the Catholic Archbishop of Bangui, Dieudonné Nzapalainga, the chief Imam of Bangui, Kobine Layama Omar, and the leader of the Federation of Protestant Churches of the Central African Republic, Nicolas Guerekoyame Gbangou, invited...
 Civil Society Organizations discuss contributions to the 28th FAO Regional Conference for Africa
21 Mar 2014
A meeting of more than 50 representatives of international, regional and national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) based in Africa opened in Tunis today to discuss priority issues related to the development of agriculture and rural areas in Africa. Participants at the two-day consultation at Carthage Thalasso Hotel, hosted by l’Union Maghrébine et Nord Africaine des Agriculteurs (UMNAGRI), include farmers, artisanal fisherfolk, herders/pastoralists, landless, urban poor, workers in the food sector, women, youth, indigenous people, forest dwellers and other various constituencies. “It has become a tradition now in FAO, to organize consultative meetings with Non-State Actors (NSA) as an integral part of the...
Asia-Pacific Civil Society Organizations meet on food and agriculture
08 Mar 2014
Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Asia and the Pacific opened a two-day Consultation today to discuss their joint concerns about the future of small farmers, landless farmers, farm workers and other concerned stakeholders.  This parallel Consultation is organized just prior to FAO’s Thirty-Second Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC), also in Ulaanbaatar, 10-14 March. Forty participants representing different CSOs and their organizations from the region and Mongolia are participating in the Consultation and their conclusions will be shared with delegates through formal interventions during the APRC. In his welcome remarks as the host organization’s president, Bayartsaikhan Nadmid, of the...
Graziano da Silva holds a meeting with Mary Robinson
07 Mar 2014
  7 March 2014, Rome- Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and current head of the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice, welcomed “FAO’s approach in promoting new and stronger partnerships to combat global challenges of hunger, food insecurity and climate change” at a meeting with FAO Director-General today. Robinson was the keynote speaker at the International Women’s Day event held at FAO headquarters in Rome. She underlined that problems brought on by gender inequalities and lack of access to resources in agriculture were compounded by the unpredictable consequences of climate change. Graziano da Silva informed Robinson that FAO is...
La FAO apoya el establecimiento de una Comunidad de Países de Lengua Portuguesa Sin Hambre
07 Mar 2014
La FAO y la Comunidad de Países de Lengua Portuguesa (CPLP) han unido sus fuerzas hacia el establecimiento de una Comunidad de Países de Lengua Portuguesa Sin Hambre. El Director General de la FAO, José Graziano da Silva, y el Secretario Ejecutivo de la CPLP, Murade Isaac Miguigy Murargy, han firmado hoy un programa de cooperación técnica que unirá a la FAO y la CPLP. Con una contribución total de 500 000 dólares estadounidenses, el programa apoyará a la CPLP y a sus gobiernos, parlamentos y actores no gubernamentales para ejecutar una Estrategia Regional para Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional aprobada en...