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Khalifa International Date Palm Award
28 Aug 2014
Efforts to preserve and update knowledge on date palms have created an unique system that combines production and sustainability, safeguards biodiversity, and helps to improve the livelihoods of those who till the land. Since 1965, FAO is proud to be part of the efforts to promote date palms and recognizes that the United Arab Emirates are at the forefront...
FAO and Brazil support the School Feeding Program in Sao Tome and Principe
21 Aug 2014
21 August 2014, Sao Tome and Principe - A delegation of experts from the Brazilian Agency for Cooperation (ABC), the National Fund for School Development (FNDE) and FAO met with representatives from the government of Sao Tome and Principe in order to discuss strategies for strengthening the local School Feeding Program...
Se refuerza la cooperación entre la FAO y la Universidade Aberta
28 Jul 2014
Lisbona – La FAO y la Universidade Aberta (UAb) en Portugal celebraron la firma del Memorando de Entendimiento (MdE) para fortalecer la cooperación entre ellas. En el marco del MdE se desarollarán iniciativas conjuntas que enfocan la eradicación del hambre, la inseguridad alimenataria y la malnutrición. Las iniciativas regionales estarán apoyadas por medio de actividades para el fortalecimiento de las capacidades. Esto se hará a través de proyectos de investigación y eventos educacionales y de tipo técnico relactionados con la Universidad.  El acuerdo fue firmado por el Rector de la UAb, Paulo Maria Bastos da Silva Dias y por Hélder Muteia,...
Texas A&M University System joins forces with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
25 Jul 2014
Rome-The Texas A&M University System and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) today agreed to work together to combat world hunger by building capacity for sustainable agriculture and natural resource management in developing countries. Under the new agreement, the Texas A&M System and FAO will carry out initiatives to strengthen agricultural production innovations, land and water management practices, and plant and animal health in order to improve food security. In addition, they will work on building resilience and improving value chain management to help promote economic stability and improve livelihoods for small-holder farming communities. The cooperation will...
“People helping People”: the Observance of the International Day of Cooperatives 2014 in New York
14 Jul 2014
New York, 10 July 2014- Observing the International Day of Cooperatives (IDC) 2014, with the theme “Cooperative Enterprises Achieve Sustainable Development for All” at UN Headquarters, New York, representatives from governments, the UN System, the cooperative movement, the private sector and civil society organizations heralded the achievements of the cooperatives and the contribution they have made to the empowerment of people. Coming at a time when the international community is seized with devising a new development agenda – the so called Post 2015 development goals - the message was resoundingly clear –...