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South-South Cooperation: “A relationship among equals”
15 Dec 2014

15 December 2014, Rome/Marrakesh - Horizontal cooperation between countries of the global South is increasingly important to meeting the sustainable development challenges of our time, said FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva at the first International Conference on South-South Cooperation in Marrakesh, Morocco, this weekend...

FAO et ActionAid International continuent de façonner leur partenariat à venir pour lutter contre l'insécurité alimentaire
27 Nov 2014

25 Novembre 2014, Rome, – La FAO et ActionAid International ont renforcé les synergies pour un prochain protocole d’entente (Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)) dans une réunion technique tenue aujourd'hui au siège de la FAO à Rome.

«Nous voulions identifier les capacités spécifiques de ActionAid et les faire correspondre avec les activités de la FAO pour faire avancer la mise en œuvre des objectifs stratégiques à travers les initiatives régionales et les activités au niveau des pays», a déclaré Rodrigo Castañeda, directeur des partenariats de la FAO.

Developing countries engage in a
26 Nov 2014

UN Radio - Interview with Dr Festus Akinnifesi - 26 November 2014 - The promotion of development around the world is no longer based solely on developed countries helping developing ones, according to a senior official of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization...

Improving nutrition is a public good and a responsibility of all - FAO welcomes support from leading Italian mobility companies to ICN2
19 Nov 2014

Malnutrition is one of the greatest threats to people’s health and well-being. It imposes unacceptably high health, social and economic costs, especially on women, children and the elderly, and more broadly on families and society.

Improving nutrition, and ensuring everyone has access to a healthy diet, is not the responsibility of the individual alone. Nutrition is a public issue that must be addressed primarily by governments, in collaboration with other stakeholders including civil society, the private sector and academia.

In this partnership framework, FAO especially welcomes the support of Italian transport giants Aeroporti di Roma (ADR), Ferrovie dello Stato...

Conference promotes knowledge sharing among developing nations
19 Nov 2014

CCTV America - 19 November 2014, Washington D.C. - Hundreds of representatives from the southern hemisphere of the world gathered in the United States today to discuss ways to improve the lives of developing nations through sustainable agriculture. CCTV America’s Frances Kuo reported this story from Washington D.C...

FAO sets wheels in motion to help launch 2015 world forum on access to land
14 Nov 2014

2nd meeting of the organizing committee on access to land calls for civil society organizations and governmental institutions to mobilize and launch global debate on land tenure and investment agreements 


The International Organizing Committee of the World Forum on Access to Land and Natural Resources (WFAL) held its second meeting at FAO’s headquarters in Rome earlier this month, encouraging a discussion on solutions to help improve poor farmers’ access to land, water and natural resources.  

Signatories of the WFAL call for a global forum on the subject to be held next year to...

La FAO a officialisé 54 accords avec les principaux acteurs non étatiques depuis l'approbation de la Stratégie en matière de partenariats en 2013.
31 Oct 2014

31 Octobre 2014, Rome - Depuis l'approbation de la Stratégie de la FAO en matière de partenariats avec les organisations de la société civile et le secteur privé en Avril 2013, la FAO a officialisé 54 accords avec des Acteurs Non Etatiques (ANE). La liste complète des partenariats de la FAO avec les acteurs non étatiques, ainsi que leur lien avec les Objectifs Stratégiques et les premiers progrès dans leur mise en œuvre, peuvent être trouvés ici.

«Avec une forte implication...

FAO et le Comité International de Planification pour la souveraineté alimentaire (CIP) travaillent ensemble pour trouver de nouveaux domaines de collaboration
31 Oct 2014

30 Octobre 2014, Rome – le Comité International de Planification pour la Souveraineté Alimentaire (CIP) et la FAO ont pris encore un pas en avant dans leur longue relation de collaboration. Des représentants de la plus grande plate-forme de petits producteurs dans le monde et de la FAO ont organisé aujourd'hui une réunion technique dans le cadre de leur partenariat renouvelé pour discuter de la façon d'ouvrir des espaces de participation inclusive et de dialogue dans des domaines thématiques clés tels...

FAO Director-General: Private sector plays a crucial role in fostering responsible investments
15 Oct 2014

FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva, today urged private sector representatives to contribute to the creation of conditions that ensure responsible investments in food production and agriculture.

“Investment is a private decision. It’s your decision. You are the only ones responsible for investments, which however need an enabling environment,” the FAO Director-General said speaking to members of the Private Sector Mechanism partnership attending the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in Rome.

“Help these principles become part of the environment considered necessary for investment,” Graziano da Silva said, referring to the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems (RAI) that were...

China pledges $50 million to FAO in support of South-South Cooperation
15 Oct 2014

15 October 2015, Rome - China has announced a $50 million donation to FAO to support the Organization's program of "South-South Cooperation" to improve food security and promote sustainable agricultural development over the next five years...