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Rabobank Foundation and FAO to expand partnership
22 Jun 2015
22 June, 2015, Utrecht - FAO and the Dutch Rabobank Foundation will scale up their collaboration after two years of successful initiatives in East Africa. "This is a flagship partnership for FAO," Director-General José Graziano da Silva, said in an address today to the foodFIRST conference here, which this year is focused on the future of farming and food security in Africa.
Registration now open for the 8th session of the Khalifa International Date Palm award
08 Jun 2015
Date palms are vital for the livelihoods of people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries in the Near East. They provide sustenance, building materials, shade and a source of income. Since 1965, FAO is proud to be part of the efforts to promote date palms and recognizes that the UAE are at the forefront of regional and international efforts to sustainably produce date palms. In the spring of 2015, two date palm oases in the UAE have joined the growing number of ecosystems that are formally recognized by FAO for their importance as repositories of genetic resources, biodiversity...
ИKEA-Швеция и ФАО начинают сотрудничество в области устойчивого управления лесами
03 Jun 2015
ФАО и ИKEA-Швеция договорились сегодня о начале совместного проекта по сертификации лесной продукции, направленного на содействие устойчивому управлению лесными ресурсами и расширение прав и возможностей общин, зависимых от лесов, во Вьетнаме.
Indigenous peoples and FAO start joint work with the Voluntary Guidelines on Tenure
28 May 2015
The first capacity building programme designed with and for indigenous peoples on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT) will start its activities next week. FAO’s programme will bring together 24 indigenous leaders and experts from Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama, who will work together for one year. The training will take place in Nicaragua’s North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, where the Center for Autonomy and Development of Indigenous Peoples (CADPI, Centro para la Autonomía y Desarrollo de los Pueblos...
FAO and Indigenous peoples measure food insecurity
26 May 2015
Representatives from different indigenous peoples (Aymara, Embera–Wounaan, Guaraní, Kichwa, K’iche, Macushi, Miskita, Náhuatl, Zapoteco) from Latin America shared during two days their knowledge about food security with FAO statisticians to develop new methods that could measure food insecurity in indigenous communities.
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