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25 Feb 2015
粮农组织和中华人民共和国一致同意加强协作,保护标志性传统农作系统,如壮观的云南哈尼稻作梯田。   双方最近签署了一项新的《谅解备忘录》:“通过南南合作框架下开展的能力建设促进实施全球重要农业文化遗产系统计划”,在粮农组织全球重要农业文化遗产系统计划范围内加强合作。   粮农组织正在与其全球、区域和国家合作伙伴积极开展合作,确定、支持和保护由农业、林业、渔业和畜牧业传统系统构成的全球重要农业文化遗产系统。这项工作注重小生产者、家庭农民、土著居民和当地社区在保护和可持续利用生物多样性和遗传资源方面的关键作用。   “自2002年粮农组织启动全球重要农业文化遗产项目以来,该举措为保护生物多样性、弘扬本土农业知识、振兴农村地区发展和帮助农民增收发挥着重要和积极的作用,并为实现全球粮食安全和农业可持续发展提供了新方法,”中国农业部国际合作司司长王鹰先生说。   “中国是全球重要农业文化遗产系统计划的创始国之一,对该项目给予了坚定不懈的支持,”参加仪式的粮农组织土地及水利司司处长阿舒里说。  
31 Oct 2014
31 October 2014, Rome - Since the approval of the FAO Strategies for Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations and the Private Sector in April 2013, FAO has formalized 54 agreements with Non-State Actors (NSA). The complete list of FAO partnerships with Non-State Actors, including their link to Strategic Objectives and initial progress in their implementation, can be found
15 Oct 2014
15 October 2014, Rome - To strengthen the capacities of member countries in reducing gender inequalities in agriculture and increasing productivity, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, with support from the European Union, has produced a new e-learning course to help policy-makers and agricultural planners develop gender-responsive policies and programmes for food and nutrition security.                       The course, “Gender in Food and Nutrition Security”, is the result of the combined efforts of a multidisciplinary team of international and local practitioners. It is designed to help professionals...
15 Oct 2014
Rome Roundtable on feeding the global family: Does climate change put us all at risk? When: 15 October 2014 - 1500 – 1600 (GMT +2) Where: Sheikh Zayed Centre, FAO Headquarters #hungryplanet   ROUNDTABLE MODERATOR and PANELISTS  Moderator: LAURIE GOERING - Thomson Reuters Foundation Laurie Goering edits AlertNet Climate, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s news website on the humanitarian and development impacts of climate change. Previously she was a Chicago Tribune correspondent based in New Delhi, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Havana, Rio de Janeiro and London. LESLIE LIPPER - Senior Environmental Economist, Economic and Social Department, FAO Leslie...
08 Oct 2014
7 October 2014, Rome - FAO and the Brazilian government signed an agreement today in Rome under which Brazil commits to give $ 150 000 to the Multilateral Trust Fund of the International Year of Family Farming, managed by the Organization. The funds will be used to support the participation of the civil society in the 2014 Global Dialogue on Family Farming, to be held on 25 and 26 October in Rome, and the development of a web-based platform that will include publications, policies and laws related to family farming. The agreement will also benefit the creation of a...
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