Who we are

Eradicating hunger is a challenge that FAO cannot - and should not - face alone. The Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development Division is responsible for developing and strengthening partnerships with non-state actors that will help to accomplish FAO’s mandate, including non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, academia, research and development institutes, the private sector, producers’ organizations and cooperatives. This office is also responsible for the implementation of both the FAO Strategy for Partnerships with Civil Society, and the FAO Strategy for Partnerships with the Private Sector. 

Why we partner

Member States have emphasized the importance of FAO working in partnership with other actors to enable it to fulfill its mandate, enhance its effectiveness in assisting its members to achieve their goals, and to ensure that it carries out its new Strategic Framework.

Strategic partnerships are a crucial enabler for achieving the FAO’s five Strategic Objectives, and in this respect, facilitating and promoting partnerships for food and nutrition security, agriculture and rural development is a core function of the Organization’s new Strategic Framework. 

Partnerships include those with UN agencies, funds and programmes, academia and research institutions, international financial institutions (IFIs) and inter-governmental entities. FAO also partners with Governments, civil society - including both people’s organizations and NGOs, producers’ organizations and cooperatives, and the private sector.