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Civil Society

FAO’s partnership strategies approved by the Council
New focus on partnerships with civil society organizations and the private sector
25 Apr 2013 -
This week, FAO Council approved and adopted two important FAO partnerships strategies: FAO Strategy for Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations and FAO Strategy for Partnerships with the Private Sector. The approval of these revised strategies will allow FAO, especially at field level, to better establish partnerships with civil society and private ...
New dialogues with Civil Society
This is the first in a series of civil society organization (CSO) dialogues
15 Apr 2013 -
The Office of Partnerships and Advocacy Branch (OCPP) is launching a series of CSO dialogues on key issues of concern to FAO. The dialogues provide a forum for civil society perspectives to be heard and discussed with FAO staff. The first session titled Plant Genetic Resources: perspectives from the International Planning ...
FAO's collaboration with Indigenous Peoples
Representatives of indigenous peoples talk about joint work
09 Apr 2013 -
Currently there are more than 370 million self-identified indigenous peoples in some 70 countries around the world. They have made relevant contributions to the world´s heritage thanks to their traditional understanding of ecosystem management. However, indigenous peoples are among the world´s most vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged groups in the world. Indigenous ...
Council endorses hunger eradication as FAO’s number one goal
Director-General says FAO set to make even greater contribution to fight against hunger
20 Mar 2013 -
Council met this week to review FAO's work.7 December 2012, Rome - FAO's governing Council ended its week-long meeting by endorsing a change in the Organization's first global goal from merely reducing hunger to its eradication. "This unequivocal commitment sets our sights where they should be," said FAO Director-General José Graziano ...
New metric to be launched on hunger and food insecurity
FAO's Voices of the Hungry project to be tested on a pilot basis
20 Mar 2013 -
13 March 2013, Rome - A new, faster and more precise way of measuring hunger and food insecurity across the world is soon to be field-tested by FAO in several pilot countries. The new approach relies on gathering information on the extent and severity of hunger from food-insecure people, through a ...
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