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La FAO y la Universidad “La Salle” Beauvais trabajarán de forma conjunta
La FAO y la Universidad “La Salle” Beauvais firmaron la pasada semana un acuerdo de cooperación con el objetivo de contribuir al desarrollo conjunto de conocimientos y a la difusión equitativa de los patrimonios científicos.
23 Sep 2013
  Marcela Villarreal, Directora de la Oficina de Asociaciones, Género, Actividades de Promoción y Creación de Capacidad de la FAO, visitó las instalaciones de la Universidad "La Salle" Beauveais en Francia para firmar este acuerdo. Gracias al mismo, los estudiantes de esta universidad politécnica especializada en la formación agrícola podrán seguir ...
FAO and Rabobank Foundation join forces
New private sector partnership with Dutch cooperative bank will benefit farmers in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania
20 Sep 2013
The Rabobank Foundation and FAO will share knowledge, innovation and financial resources in Africa in a broad strategy to make a difference in the lives of small-holder farmers and the rural poor.An agreement signed at FAO headquarters, involving our FAO decentralized offices, sets out how the organizations will work together ...
FAO and Grameen Foundation partner to improve smallholder access to agriculture technologies
The agreement signed covers knowledge exchange, resilience programmes, women’s leadership support and poverty measurement
19 Sep 2013
Grameen Foundation and FAO will work closely together to enhance smallholder access to knowledge and technologies for sustainable production and food security through the use of mobile agriculture supported services. The two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today in Rome also aimed at improving farming innovation exchange, strengthening smallholder ...
PAA Africa Programme
FAO and WFP working together to overcome hunger and poverty
02 Sep 2013
FAO and WFP have long been partnering to promote food and nutrition security of vulnerable communities. The Programme Purchase from Africans for Africa is a recent example of how the agencies can design and implement joint work for effective and efficient operations on the ground. PAA Africa is being currently operated ...
A Series of Voices on the Future of Agriculture
Oxfam compiles views on how we might practice agriculture
31 Jul 2013
If you are reading this website, you might be familiar with one of the larger debates going on around ensuring access to food for everyone--the debate on the future of agriculture as a practice. Fossil-fuel based?  Organics? Small-scale? Fertilizer dependent? This debate lives in the comment sections of many websites that ...