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Civil Society

PAA Africa Programme
FAO and WFP working together to overcome hunger and poverty
02 Sep 2013 -
FAO and WFP have long been partnering to promote food and nutrition security of vulnerable communities. The Programme Purchase from Africans for Africa is a recent example of how the agencies can design and implement joint work for effective and efficient operations on the ground. PAA Africa is being currently operated ...
A Series of Voices on the Future of Agriculture
Oxfam compiles views on how we might practice agriculture
31 Jul 2013 -
If you are reading this website, you might be familiar with one of the larger debates going on around ensuring access to food for everyone--the debate on the future of agriculture as a practice. Fossil-fuel based?  Organics? Small-scale? Fertilizer dependent? This debate lives in the comment sections of many websites that ...
Lifelong dedication to fight poverty
A woman's perseverance in rural areas
16 Jul 2013 -
Waking up at 4:00 am and walking almost 5 kilometers to work at the farm is not an easy task for grown people, let alone for a school girl. Lydia Sasu has been working as a farmer since her childhood. Despite hard work by all the family members, there were ...
Looking for a united approach to end hunger
A high-level meeting in Africa
01 Jul 2013 -
Heads of State and Government of African Union Member States, together with representatives of international organizations, civil society organizations, private sector, cooperatives, farmers, youths, academia and other partners have unanimously adopted a Declaration to end hunger in Africa during the high-level meeting co-organized by the African Union, FAO and Lula Institute ...
The Brazilian experience
An approach to development centred on hunger eradication
07 Jun 2013 -
An approach to development centred on hunger eradication In the 1930s, Josué de Castro reached the conclusion that hunger in Brazil was the consequence of distortions created by an economic development model that exploited the poor, effectively excluding them from enjoying its benefits. By the end of the 20th century, Brazil’s economy was ...