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Civil Society

Civil Society Dialogues: civil society perspectives on small scale fisheries
22 May 2013 -
OCP invites you to its fourth CSO dialogue this coming Friday 24 May from 1-2 pm in the Philippines Room (C277): FAO has the pleasure of welcoming: • Margaret Nakato, Executive Director of the World Forum of Fish Workers and Fish Harvesters (WFF); • Chandrika Sharma, Executive Secretary of the International Collective in ...
Los Diálogos de la FAO con la sociedad civil: una nueva experiencia en Roma
Escuchemos las voces de la sociedad civil
16 May 2013 -
El equipo de relaciones con la sociedad civil (OCPP) de la FAO ha puesto en marcha una serie de encuentros informales con representantes de la sociedad civil. Con el título "Civil Society Dialogues", este programa tiene el objetivo de proporcionar un espacio para el intercambio de experiencias y saberes entre ...
Dialogues with civil society: a conversation  with Mirna Cunnigham
Making their voices heard
09 May 2013 -
Please join us for our third CSO dialogue this coming Wednesday 15 May from 1-2 pm in the Iran Room (B116 bis). FAO has the pleasure of welcoming Mirna Cunningham, current chair of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Proposed agenda Moderator: Marcela Villareal, Director of the Office of Communication, Partnerships and Advocacy Opening ...
FAO’s partnership strategies approved by the Council
New focus on partnerships with civil society organizations and the private sector
25 Apr 2013 -
This week, FAO Council approved and adopted two important FAO partnerships strategies: FAO Strategy for Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations and FAO Strategy for Partnerships with the Private Sector. The approval of these revised strategies will allow FAO, especially at field level, to better establish partnerships with civil society and private ...
New dialogues with Civil Society
This is the first in a series of civil society organization (CSO) dialogues
15 Apr 2013 -
The Office of Partnerships and Advocacy Branch (OCPP) is launching a series of CSO dialogues on key issues of concern to FAO. The dialogues provide a forum for civil society perspectives to be heard and discussed with FAO staff. The first session titled Plant Genetic Resources: perspectives from the International Planning ...
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