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Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar: AMARC y la FAO unen sus fuerzas
Comunicación y medios comunitarios en agricultura familiar y seguridad alimentaria
03 Feb 2014
En el contexto del Año Internacional de la Agricultura Familiar 2014 (AIAF), la Asociación Mundial de Radios Comunitarias (AMARC) ha unido sus fuerzas con la FAO para lanzar una campaña de sensibilización dirigida a las asociaciones de campesinos y la población rural. El principal objetivo es utilizar la radio comunitaria ...
 Caritas Internationalis launches global campaign against hunger
FAO supports call of Caritas International to realize the right to food for everybody and to cut food waste
11 Dec 2013
The  global campaign against hunger launched by the Caritas confederation is an important contribution to raise awareness of the plight of millions of hungry people around the globe and to work towards the elimination of hunger, said Marcela Villarreal, Director of FAO's Office for Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development. The campaign ...
FAO and civil society strengthen partnerships in Asia-Pacific
Ensuring balanced representation in Asia-Pacific
28 Nov 2013
Civil society and FAO agreed on improved space for dialogue and enhanced mechanisms to foster both closer partnerships and wider balanced representation in pursuit of the shared goal for eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition in Asia and the Pacific. Despite important progress obtained over the years, today’s world continues to ...
Regional Dialogue on Family Farming in Africa: Working towards a strategic approach to promote food security and nutrition “
14 Nov 2013
Cape town, South Africa, 08 November 2013 (FAO) - The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) jointly with the World Rural Forum (WRF), the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and the World Farmers Organization (WFO) organized an African Regional Dialogue in Cape Town from 6 to 7 November 2013 to enhance national ...