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Ask us

FAO believes your voice should be heard and your suggestions considered. This is why FAO is keen on establishing dialogue with your organization and expanding our collaboration.

FAO is renewing its outreach and relationship with Civil Society Organizations. In order to make it easier and more efficient to get in touch with us, we are introducing this new system.

Before proceeding, kindly note the following information:

  1. FAO is not a funding institution.
  2. FAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to alleviate hunger.
  3. FAO's activities comprise 4 main areas:
    • Putting information within reach
    • Sharing policy expertise
    • Provide a meeting place for nations
    • Bringing knowledge to the field
  4. FAO does not normally fund proposals. However, FAO Headquarters might look at funding proposals ONLY if formally endorsed by the FAO Country/Regional Offices of your respective country/region. If your proposal is national/regional we suggest you contact your FAO Country/Regional Office who is best placed to evaluate and analyze your initiative. To find the appropriate contact click on this link to find the list of all FAO Offices: http://coin.fao.org/cms/do/en/index.html

Please carefully select a category based on your subject of interest and we will respond to you at the earliest.