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FAO Strategy for Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations

FAO has been working for many years with hundreds of civil society organizations (NGOs, community-based organizations, professional associations, networks, etc.) in technical work, emergency field operations, training and capacity building, and advocacy of best agricultural practices. 

Over the past years, civil society organizations (CSOs) have evolved in terms of coordination, structure, outreach, mobilization and advocacy capacity. In this period FAO has also undergone changes in management, revised its Strategic Framework and given a new impetus to decentralization.

The Strategy provides a framework which, together with the rest of the complementary tools, will provide a direction for FAO staff to guide their work with civil society organizations in their pursuit of the eradication of hunger based on the fulfilment of FAO’s five Strategic Objectives.

Author: Civil Society team, OCPP
Keywords: FAO, Partnerships, Civil Society, strategy