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 La FAO et l'Université "La Salle" Beauvais travailleront ensemble. Les deux institutoins ont signé un protocole d'accord avec l'objectif de contribuer pour le développement conjoint des connaissances. Grâce à ce protocole, les étudiants de cette université polytechnique et specialisée dans la formation agricole pourront suivre quelques cours en ligne designés par la FAO. Les cours comprendront des matières comme securité alimentaire, genre etc. Les deux entites collaboreront  également à la rédacton des projets et à la mobilisation conjointe des ressources.  
The Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA ) is a joint winner of the Jacques Diouf award 2012-2013 for improving the food security of poor self-employed women and their families SEWA has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women in India through its extraordinary work and has become a role model for the world. It is a model of how poor people can become self-sustaining and transform their lives for the better. Self-reliance, social inclusion and dignity are the very heart of SEWA's work.  
Roberto Ugás nos da su opinión sobre la viabilidad de la agricultura familiar.
This short film includes interviews with representatives from civil society and FAO, sharing their views and perspectives on how the Organization collaborates with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social movements and member-based organizations in the fight against hunger and poverty. The film will be presented by Ms Marcela Villarreal, Director, Office for Communication, Partnerships and Advocacy (OCP). After the documentary, there will be a short Q&A session. The premiere is part of the CSO Dialogues, a series of informal conversations with civil society representatives on key issues of concern to FAO. 
La Revista Agraria reunió a reconocidos expertos para reflexionar sobre los actuales retos de la agricultura familiar en el Perú.
The Office of Partnerships and Advocacy Branch (OCPP) is launching a series of CSO dialogues on key issues of concern to FAO. The dialogues provide a forum for civil society perspectives to be heard and discussed with FAO staff. Please see this video to learn more
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