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South-south Cooperation
09 Mar 2017
South-South Cooperation (SSC) is playing a greater role than ever before in the development cooperation landscape. Innovation in the global South is generating new tools and partnerships for tackling issues of food insecurity, poverty reduction and sustainable agriculture. The South offers wide-ranging development solutions – knowledge, experiences and good practices, innovative policies, technology, know-how, and resources – that have proven costeffective and have huge potential to be shared, adapted and adopted. The strategy is a response to growing demand from member countries to benefit from experiences of other Southern countries. It was adopted in 2013 after extensive consultations with national governments,...
Parliamentary alliances
01 Jan 2017
  This publication details the experience of the Parliamentary Fronts Against Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean in promoting legislation aimed at achieving the right to adequate food. It presents some of the lessons learned on how the parliamentary fronts work and the mechanisms that have proved useful to them. There is...
Resource Partners
06 Dec 2016
Britain’s support to multilateral development agencies will build on work which in 2014 immunised 56 million children in some of the world’s poorest countries, helped 10.4 million young people living through humanitarian emergencies to access education and provided access to clean water for 27.8 million people.
Resource Partners
11 Nov 2016
Since 2002, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL) supports projects of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to erradicate hunger and malnutrition through a Bilateral Trust Fund (BTF). The projects aim at supporting the subject of "food security" at strategic level both in the FAO and in the partner countries. They are planned together with the FAO and structured in accordance with Germany’s government development policy guidelines, based on its support framework. 
Parliamentary alliances
19 Oct 2016
إن القضاء على الجوع وسوء التغذية يكمن في صلب الجهود التي تبذلها المنظمة. وتحقيقا لذلك، يجب إشراك جميع أصحاب المصلحة، بما في ذلك البرلمانيون والجهات الفاعلة من غير الحكومات كالمجتمع المدني والقطاع الخاص. أظهرت الأدلة أن تحسن الأمن الغذائي والتغذوي يعزى بالدرجة الأولى إلى السياسات والبرامج والأطر المرتكزة على التشريعات. ويعتبر البرلمانيون الجهات الرئيسية القيّمة على الالتزامات السياسية المتعلقة بالأمن الغذائي والتغذية؛ ومن ثم فهُم شركاء أساسيون في تحقيق الأمن الغذائي والتغذوي. وتسعى المنظمة، من خلال شعبة الشراكات والدعوة وتنمية القدرات، إلى إقامة شراكات وتعاون أوثق مع البرلمانيين، ونحن نعمل من أجل الوفاء بالتزاماتنا المتبادلة بخصوص الأمن الغذائي والتغذوي، بما...