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Private Sector
22 Jul 2016
تهدف هذه الخطوط التوجيهية الى صياغة وتنفيذ الشراكات بين الأمم المتحدة وقطاع الأعمال على نحو يكفل وحدة الأمم المتحدة واستقلاليتها. ويتمثل القصد منها في العمل كإطار مشترك لجميع منظمات الأمم المتحدة وكذلك كإطار للمنظمات الأخرى العاملة ضمن منظومة الأمم المتحدة.
Private Sector
22 Jul 2016
أصدرت المنظمة سلسلة من دراسات الحالة القطرية حول الشراكات الزراعية بين القطاعين العام والخاص التي بدأت نتيجة لتقييم تعادلات القوة الشرائية في عام 2010 وتنفذ في 15 دولة في أفريقيا وآسيا وأمريكا اللاتينية.
Resource Partners
13 Jul 2016
The Guide is a useful starting point for FAO staff to understand RM at FAO. It forms part of the broader capacity package (already produced) providing links to other important tools, resources and the TCS Division and regional focal points for day-to-day assistance and coordination. It is meant to help FAO maintain a competitive edge and work to its comparative advantages and attract broader partnerships.
01 Jul 2016
Evidence is growing that farm and forest producer organizations are at the heart of sustainable rural development, because it is only through organized groups that locally-controlled forestry can be scaled up to meet growing global demand for forest products, including environmental services and non-timber items. Forest and farm producer organizations can have a unique role in delivering the SDGs worldwide: although they are ‘merely’ local organizations they are capable of contributing to universal goals. Many SDG targets have direct or indirect links to forests and landscapes (particularly under...
Civil Society
21 Jun 2016
A network of Civil Society Organizations around the world, with the technical support of FAO, issued this The People’s Manual on the Guidelines on Governance of Land, Fisheries and Forests in an effort to further the implementation at grassroot levels of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests  (VGGT). This manual is a pedagogical and didactic guide to ease people’s understanding of the Guidelines and to provide a practical approach on how to use them. The People’s Manual is based on the precepts of popular education and was elaborated through a collective and participatory...