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Private Sector
29 Nov 2013
This document complements the FAO guidelines for the Country Programming Framework (CPF). These guidelines illustrate how to engage the private sector in the CPF process
Private Sector
01 Nov 2013
The strategy informs FAO’s Member States, staff, and the private sector with FAO’s strategic approach and framework for partnerships with the private sector.
Civil Society
18 Jul 2013
Abstract: FAO has been working for many years with hundreds of civil society organizations (NGOs, community-based organizations, professional associations, networks, etc.) in technical work, emergency field operations, training and capacity building, and advocacy of best agricultural practices. Over the past years, civil society organizations (CSOs) have evolved in terms of coordination, structure, outreach, mobilization and advocacy capacity. In this period, FAO has also undergone changes in management, revised its Strategic Framework and given a new impetus to...
Private Sector
22 Jun 2013
This document presents FAO’s Vision, Global Goals and Strategic Objectives.
Private Sector
01 Nov 2012
The strategy is designed to promote a more systematic use of partnerships and to provide practical guidance to FAO units and partners to facilitate the selection, prioritization, development and management of new or renewed partnerships.