South-south Cooperation
25 Nov 2019
The People’s Republic of China (China) has been one of FAO’s main partners in the promotion of South-South and triangular cooperation. In terms of cooperation among developing countries, China upholds the principles of equality and mutual trust, building equal partnerships with parity of ownership and responsibility, mutual benefit and win–win cooperation, which are highly valued by FAO. The brochure is also available here.
Resource Partners
08 Nov 2019
The 2019 Report of the Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) examines the role of the TCP to deliver FAO technical assistance for agriculture, food and nutrition in response to countries’ most pressing needs. The first in a new series of annual TCP reports, it provides insights to FAO Members, governments and other stakeholders on the tangible and lasting achievements of TCP-funded projects completed in 2018. It also features a foreword by the Director-General, setting the tone for the further development of the Programme.
Resource Partners
04 Nov 2019
This report aims to provide an overview of Switzerland's strong partnership and valuable contribution to the work of FAO in recent years, bringing together their individual set of unique skills to the table to help resolve myriad challenges relating to food security, nutrition, resilience and sustainability. Working in close partnership with resource partners is the only way we can move forward and achieve a world where hunger no longer exists.
South-south Cooperation
30 Oct 2019
As of 2019, FAO has approximately 40 South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) projects in more than 90 host countries. Moreover, different Trust Funds (TFs) have been established, partnering with countries such as Brazil, the People’s Democratic Republic of China, Japan, Mexico, Morocco and the Republic of Korea.  FAO’s SSTC Gateway is a platform designed to facilitate knowledge and partnership brokering for SSTC in the agriculture and rural development sector. The platform comprises good practices, technical guidance documents, videos from the agriculture and agri-food sector, a SSTC expertise database and allows users to submit SSTC-related inquiries.  This scale-up note is part of a...
Private Sector
22 Oct 2019
In February 2018, FAO and Eni joined forces to ensure local communities had access to safe and clean water, both for domestic use and irrigation purposes. The collaboration addresses the Nigerian Federal Government’s request to create sustainable intervention programmes that would support victims of insurgency in the North East region. Within the framework of “Access to Water” project, FAO helps identify areas of intervention and provides technical expertise to supervise the project, assisting the relevant ministries and agencies in the targeted areas.