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Resource Partners
06 Dec 2016
Britain’s support to multilateral development agencies will build on work which in 2014 immunised 56 million children in some of the world’s poorest countries, helped 10.4 million young people living through humanitarian emergencies to access education and provided access to clean water for 27.8 million people.
Resource Partners
11 Nov 2016
Since 2002, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL) supports projects of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to erradicate hunger and malnutrition through a Bilateral Trust Fund (BTF). The projects aim at supporting the subject of "food security" at strategic level both in the FAO and in the partner countries. They are planned together with the FAO and structured in accordance with Germany’s government development policy guidelines, based on its support framework. 
Parliamentary alliances
19 Oct 2016
Eradicating hunger and malnutrition is at the center of FAO’s efforts. In order to achieve this, all stakeholders must be involved. This includes Parliamentarians and non-State actors such as Civil Society and the Private Sector. Evidence has shown that the improvement in food and nutrition security is principally due to policies, programs and frameworks that are anchored in legislation. Parliamentarians are fundamental custodians of political commitments on food security and nutrition; therefore critical partners in achieving food and nutrition security. FAO, through its Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development Division (OPC), seeks partnerships and closer collaboration with Parliamentarians, as we work...
South-south Cooperation
12 Sep 2016
Esta guía conduce a los lectores, paso a paso, a través del proceso de participación en la cooperación sur-sur, como instrumento complementario a la Cooperación Norte-Sur, y como recurso para cumplir con el mandato de la FAO y alcanzar los Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible. También incluye las herramientas necesarias para incrementar la visibilidad de los países que participan en la cooperación sur-sur, así como de aquellos que tengan algo que ofrecer.
Private Sector
22 Jul 2016
La estrategia informa a los Estados Miembros de la FAO, su personal y al sector privado sobre el enfoque estratégico de la FAO y el marco de alianzas con el sector privado.