Private Sector
22 Oct 2019
FAO and the Rockefeller Foundation work together in various African countries to strengthen linkages in the food value chain, improve markets and infrastructure and support governments in providing enabling policies and investments.
Private Sector
22 Oct 2019
FAO and Telefónica have signed a partnership to promote sustainable agricultural practices by developing and implementing innovative technologies, digitization and data analysis initiatives in the agricultural sector. The partnership places special emphasis on supporting rural agricultural communities in accessing information that will help them use water resources more efficiently and as well as prepare and strengthen them in the face of extreme weather events related to climate change. The agreement foresees three main areas of work among which the application of the Internet of things (IoT) and Big Data will be applied to the agricultural sector to optimize processes and make...
Civil Society
30 Sep 2019
The purpose of the Monitoring Framework is to serve as an instrument for cities and urban food stakeholders to identify food-related policy and programme priorities. The Framework also serves to illustrate to what extent “desired changes” are happening and/or how impactful such changes are. If measured periodically, the Framework can be used to evaluate gaps in policy advancement and resource mobilization as well as reveal overall urban food systems improvement.
Resource Partners
23 Sep 2019
This second edition of FAO’s resource mobilization annual report, Resources, Partnerships, Impact – 2019, seeks to communicate, in a transparent and accountable way, who FAO is, what we do, and how we work with
South-south Cooperation
11 Sep 2019
This brochure has been jointly developed to showcase concrete examples of how the RBAs promote South-South initiatives at the country level. Focusing on the theme of the joint celebration of the 2019 UN Day for South-South Cooperation, leaving no one behind in achieving SDG 2, the cases highlight opportunities to enhance collaboration in the fight against hunger and malnutrition to realize Zero Hunger by 2030.