Meeting on Implementing the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) - Experiences from pilot countries

Thursday, 16 May 2013, 10:00 – 11:30, India Room, FAO HQ, Rome

In this event, Mrs. Sophie Grouwels, FFF/FAO Officer, introduced the FFF mission and concept. Download the FFF presentation.  After that national facilitators of 2 pilot countries (Mr. Edward Suloe from Liberia, and Mr. Ogden Rodas from Guatemala) exchanged early experiences on the implementation of the FFF. They presented the country outcomes they plan to achieve and the first activities. Mr. Jhony Zapata, FFF/FAO Officer, explained the FFF potential in Myanmar.

Feedback was received from other FFF pilot countries, and FAO staff. Discussion took place on ways of working together, in particular with colleagues from the Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division.

The activities currently conducted in pilot countries are the following:


Presentation Power Point

Pillar 1 : Organizing producer groups


Pillar 2: Government cross-sector coordination


1) Mapping/identification of farmers and producers,

2) Identification of leaders, and

3) Grouping/gather farmers and producers

Support to the National Forest Landscape Forum (NFLF) which integrates the Forest & Farmers Union Structure at national Level (FAFUN)


Call for proposals to support the establishment producer groups (May).

- Selection of the proposals done by the selection committee (End June)

- First payment to selected organizations and start six months implementation (August)

Calls for proposals for the established producer groups for enhanced business development and policy dialogue.

Workshop to share experiences and to nurture the establishment government cross-sectoral platform


Facilitate producers associations and networks (PINPEP, National Indigenous Network, National Alliance) for policy dialogue and business development.

At national level: Policy instruments for forest and farms designed and visible in the national agendas.

At local level: Policy instruments implemented in pilot areas and local vision of producers is considered


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