Strength in numbers: International Conference on Forest Producer Organizations

Guilin, Guangxi Autonomous Region, China 25-28 November 2013



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Strength in numbers: effective forest producer organizations 

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FAO has been supporting forest producer organizations for many years in collaboration with partners, through the “Forest Connect” Initiative and more recently through the Forest & Farm Facility (FFF). In 2012 FAO, Agricord and FFF published “Strength in numbers: Effective forest producer organizations”. The document presents a set of current examples of forest producer organizations and aims to raise awareness and provoke discussion among service providers and policy makers for setting frameworks in which producer organizations can flourish.

This conference follows up on the issues raised in the publication. It will bring together representatives of forest producer organizations from around the world as well as service providers and government representatives to discuss the experiences of different types of forest producer organizations, the role of support platforms/services and the legal, policy and institutional environment required for successful producer organizations.

The conference is also part of the celebration of 300 years of the concept of sustainability. In 1713 this concept was first introduced by German Forester Von Carlowitz who described sustained yield forestry in his book “Sylvicultura oeconomica”. The Government of Germany has made funding available for this conference to help promote sustainable forest management, especially by smallholders.


The main objective of the conference is to strengthen the sustainable management of forested landscapes by smallholders and communities through forest producer organizations.

More specifically, the conference participants will:

  • Share experiences among forest producer organizations and support platforms/services Identify success factors and challenges for forest producer organizations and support platforms/services
  • Develop recommendations on strengthening the enabling environment for forest producer organizations and effective support platforms/services
  • Develop recommendations on increasing the effectiveness of forest producer organizations as mechanisms for enhancing the environmental, social and economic sustainability of forest management by smallholders.


  • Summary report of conference outcomes or conference statement;
  • Policy Brief on the creating an enabling environment for effective forest producer organizations and service platforms;
  • Synthesis document on best practices and enabling conditions for serviceproviders/platforms;
  • Synthesis document on improving the institutional enabling environment for forestbased


The conference is on invitation only. Approximately 120 persons are expected to attend the conference. They include representatives of forest and farmer producer organizations and of service providers, government representatives, representatives of organizations and development partners providing support to forest and farmer producer organizations and international organizations.



The conference will be jointly organized by The Forest and Farm Facility, FAO and APFNet in partnership with Agricord, Tropenbos International, GIZ, IUCN, IIED, CEPF, and RECOFTC. It is hosted by the State Forestry Administration (SFA) of the People’s Republic of China. Funding for the conference is provided through the generous contribution of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) and by the partners.

For more information please contact:

Sophie Grouwels
Forestry Officer
Forest and Farm Facility
Tel (39)-06 570 55299

Jhony Zapata
Forestry Officer
Forest and Farm Facility
Tel.: (39) - 06 57053102


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