World Forestry Congress: 7-11 September 2015, Durban

The presence of small holder family farmers, local communities and Indigenous Peoples and forest and farm producer organizations supported by the FFF had a significant impact at the World Forestry Congress.  This engagement occurred during the Pre Congress “Building Momentum”, at the subtheme dialogue 1 sessions as key speakers and panelists, and participation in around 30 side events related to FFPOs

The Road to Durban: organise the local voice at regional and global level

The last two years, the FFF supported a series of events that have been taking place around the world, providing local stakeholders with the opportunity to generate their own messages for feeding into the pre-congress event and ultimately into the World Forestry Congress.

A global declaration from the Pre Congress "Building Momentum for community-based forestry, forest and farm producer organizations"

Based on the regional messages agreed during the last two years, forest and farm producers, indigenous peoples, community forest stakeholders met to develop a global declaration during the Pre-Congress event , “Building momentum” held in Durban on 5-6 September. Governments and other major actors are urged to recognize the potential of community-based forestry by Indigenous Peoples, local communities and family smallholders who manage a third of the world’s forests, and to take the necessary corresponding action.

Messages from FFPOs shared at Subtheme Dialogue 1: Forests for socioeconomic development and food security

The FFF was a co-leader and planner for subtheme 1 on Forests for Socio-economic Development and Food Security.

Power Point presentations of Session 3: Ensuring enabling environment to enhance multiple social benefits

Outcome messages

Forest and Farm Producer Organization leaders, including FFF Steering Committee member Peter DeMarsh from the IFFA, our in-country Facilitator and staff member of the Vietnam National Farmers Union Vuley y Voan, Lucy Malenkei from the International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal People of the Tropical Forests and Victor Lopez from the Mesoamerican Alliance of People and Forests took part in the plenary presentations of the major messages from the sub-themes 1 on Thursday. This was crucial in getting some key messages accepted and highlighted in the final WFC outcome.

Click here to see the Plenary reports from the High-level Dialogue, plenaries, sub-themes and special events.


We Effect - FAO partnership launched

The partnership between FAO and We Effect, the Swedish-based development cooperation organization was launched at the World Forestry Congress in Durban during the Way Forward Session on Friday 11 September.

George Onyango, Deputy Regional Director and Regional Programme Coordinator Rural Development from We Effect regional office for Eastern Africa in Nairobi, gave the opening remarks together with Eva Muller, Director of the Forest Economics, Policy and Products Division, Forestry Department of FAO. Key speakers such as Jerker Thunberg (Inspector General from SIDA), Mia Crawford (Deputy Director, Forest and Climate Division, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Sweden), Lennart Akzell (Vice Chair of the Swedish Farmers Association and International Family Forestry Alliance), Boaz Kiboi (Chair of the Farm Forestry Smallholder Producer Association of Kenya), and Jeff Campbell (Manager of the Forest and Farm Facility) together with some FFF Steering Committee members (August Temu, Peter DeMarsh, Noemi Perez and Eva Muller) delivered some remarks. The partnership agreement to support small-scale forest and farm producers organizations for poverty reduction was signed by Anneli Rogeman, CEO of We Effect, and FAO Director General, José Graziano da Silva on 31 August 2015 in Stockholm. Read the FAO Press Release on the Signature Agreement.

The partnership between FAO and We Effect builds on an existing collaboration which has seen the FAO-hosted Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) and CoOPequity programmes working with We Effect to strengthen the capacities of member-based producer organizations such as the Forestry Smallholder Producers Association of Kenya.


last updated:  Monday, December 21, 2015