About FFF

The Forest & Farm Facility (FFF) was officially launched on 28 September 2012 during the 21st Session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO).  Drawing on the lessons learned from both the NFP Facility in 80 partner countries and the closely related Growing Forest Partnerships (GFP) Programme, the new Facility will address the remaining challenges in nfp implementation. In addition, it will support brand new initiatives to help countries improve their governance structures at different levels (local, national and regional) to achieve sustainable forest landscape management, whilst boosting food security and promoting climate-smart agriculture.

Country support

The Forest & Farm Facility will support countries to facilitate strong and equitable organizations and networks amongst smallholders, women groups, communities and Indigenous Peoples, enabling them to:

  • Make their voices heard in policy making processes at local, regional, national and global levels on forest and farm related issues, like food security, SFM, climate change, bioenergy and water.
  • Have increased capacity and opportunity to access financing and investments for forest and farm development.

 It will support national and sub-national governments to:

  • Establish multi -sectoral platforms (through dialogues, information and capacity building) to better-coordinate the various ministries, private sector and civil society stakeholders involved in, or affected by, policies and activities related to forest and farm management like food security, SFM, climate change, bio energy and water.

Management team

The work of the Forest & Farm Facility will be coordinated by a small and flexible management team and FAO, in Rome, has offered to continue hosting it. A Steering Committee will evaluate and refresh the vision, principles, policies, strategies and basic activities of the Forest & Farm Facility and a Donors Support Group will develop eligibility guidelines for selecting partners and criteria for grant applications respectively. Actual Donors include Finland, Germany, Sweden, the United States and the World Bank.

last updated:  Thursday, May 15, 2014