Steering Committee

Fifth Steering Committee Meeting, 15-16 February 2017, FAO HQ, Rome

FFF Annual report 2016 

Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting - February 2017 

Fourth Steering Committee Meeting, 17-18 February 2016, FAO HQ, Rome

FFF Annual report 2015 

Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting - February 2016 

Third Steering Committee Meeting, 19-20 February 2015, FAO HQ, Rome

Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting - February 2015 

FFF Annual report 2014 

Second Steering Committee Meeting,  27 June 2014, FAO HQ, Rome.

Minutes of the Meeting - June 2014 

First Steering Committee Meeting, 23-24 November 2013, Guilin, China.

Minutes of the Meeting - November 2013 

The FFF Steering Committee met to review the Progress Report 2013 and Workplan 2014, and to give guidance on acitivities implementation, partnership aspects, and operational issues. Selection processs and criteria for new partner countries were also agreed.

Members of the Steering Committee



August Temu
World Agro forestry Centre (ICRAF)

International Research Community

Peter deMarsh
Chairperson, International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA)

Forest Producer Organization

Levi Sucre Romero
Red Indigena Bribri y Cabecar (RIBCA), Costa Rica and
Coordinator, MesoAmerican Alliance of People and Forests

Community Forestry Organization

Ruka Sombolinggi
Special Staff to Secretary General,
Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (AMAN)

Indigenous Peoples’ Organization

Emelia Arthur
Presidential  Advisor, Policy Delivery Unit,
Office of the President, Ghana

Government/Policy Representative

Ignace Coussement
Managing Director, AgriCord

Business Development Service Provider Organization

Joji Cariño
Director,Forest Peoples Programme

Policy and Advocacy NGO

Naomi Perez (Chairperson)
Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST)

Finance / Private sector

Markku Aho
Consultant, Finland 

International Development

Eva Muller
Forest Economics, Policy and Products Division, FAO

Partner/Hosting Institution



 An Ad hoc Steering Committee Meeting was held at FAO HQ, Rome on 10-11 January 2013 to launch the activities of the FFF.

Minutes of the Meeting 

Interviews of the Ad hoc Steering Committee members: "The Adde value of the FFF?"


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