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Component 4

Development of communication strategy

An integral part of the Partnership will include the development of a communication and advocacy strategy to bolster its efforts towards benchmarking and monitoring of livestock food chains. Experience has shown that livestock profile can be enhanced most effectively when all parties engage and share ownership of a collaborative process, which is underpinned by high levels of awareness and well-informed discussions.

The overall aim is to develop and implement a communication strategy with a focus on providing options for improvement and measuring progress, to inform on the implementation issues, and assure maximum visibility of the project for support, credibility and ownership. The strategy will be used to raise the profile of the Partnership’s work programme as well also ensure the creation of clear and consistent messages within the context of a balanced approach to all stakeholders.

Expected outputs

  • The development of a detailed communication strategy to ensure the harmonized implementation of communication activities by all participants.
  • Further development of the website to better serve and reflect the overall goals of the communication strategy and adequately address the needs of the participants.
  • Identification of additional and appropriate communication tools and channels besides the website.