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Component 3

Development of indicators and methods for the evaluation of wider environmental performance of livestock

Livestock production is complex and interacts with the environment in many different ways, such as through the consumption of resources, alteration of ecosystems and emissions to air, land and water. Many of these impacts are not reflected in the GHG intensity of emissions. Measurements of GHG emissions are therefore partial metrics, and ones that can lead to misleading policy signals if not put in the proper context of the wider relationship between livestock and the environment.

The aim of this activity is to develop indicators and methods that can be applied to measure the wider performance of livestock on a global scale. Potential focus areas include water consumption and scarcity, perturbation of nutrient cycles and biodiversity.

Expected outputs

  • Indicators for the assessment of the environmental performance of livestock food chains.
  • Methods and protocols for assessing environmental impacts on water, nutrient cycles and biodiversity.