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Component 2

Global database of GHG emissions related to feed crops

Emissions attributed to feed production are needed to compute any LCA of livestock food chains. There is however no global dataset available to the practioner and available data is generally of limited geographical relevance and does generally not account for changes in carbon stocks related to land use and land use change.

This component will focus on the development of a global database of GHG life cycle inventory (LCI) data for major feed crop materials. The assessment will encompass the life cycle emissions related to each feed component with a particular focus on improving the methodologies for quantifying changes to C stocks associated with land use and land use change.

Expected outputs

The LEAP database provides free and easy access to data and information on emissions for five selected crops.  It contains many features including:

  • Datasets on emission intensities and life cycle inventory for maize, wheat, barley, soybean  and cassava;
  • Querying feature by crop, region, country, production practice;
  • Download tabular, and metadata option for fast extraction of data in CVS and user friendly interface.

The database will be continuously improved and updated as new datasets become available.
Users feedback in regards to the content and functionality of the database is appreciated. Please feel free to send your feedback and contact us.