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Component 1

Sector specific guidelines and methods for the life cycle assessment of GHG emissions from livestock food chains

There is increasing interest within stakeholders in the livestock sector in using life-cycle analysis to improve their understanding of the sectors greenhouse gas emissions. Studies are being considered at national and supra-national scales. While this is to be welcomed and represent a valuable body of knowledge, a proliferation of studies based on different methods and assumptions runs the risk of presenting a confusing and inconsistent picture of each sector’s performance. There is a need to bring all these together so as to propose a coherent and harmonized approach to assessing emissions related to livestock production.

The focus of this activity is to produce methodologies and sector specific guidelines for the life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock food chains. The methodologies and guidelines will be developed in collaboration with key stakeholders in the sector and will aim for consistency with already existing standards and build on relevant guidelines.

Expected outputs

  • Common methodological approaches addressing key cross-sectoral issues in the application of LCAs to the livestock sector.
  • A set of sectoral specific guidelines for undertaking LCAs of greenhouse gas emissions.