LEAP into action | The case of CAP'2ER®



The French Livestock Institute (Institut de l'Elevage - Idele), in collaboration with its partners, has developed the CAP'2ER®, a tool to reduce the carbon footprint of dairy and beef production.


CAP'2ER® is a multi-criteria calculator to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with a farm and to identify options for mitigation, in accordance with the FAO LEAP guidelines on feed and ruminants supply chains, as certified by an independent body.


Relying on a harmonized framework derived from the previous version, the Irish Beef Carbon Navigator created by Teagasc and Bord Bia, and the Spanish Bovido2; CAP'2ER® adopts a multi-criteria life cycle approach covering climate change, fossil energy use, nitrogen balance and emissions of ammonia. It accounts for benefits such as food production, carbon sequestration and biodiversity. Optional information includes also production costs and working conditions.


More specifically, there are two levels to assess the sustainability of a farm: level 1, with 30 parameters, for a simplified analysis to develop an observatory and to highlight the link between practices and environment; and level 2, with 150 parameters, for a comparative analysis to simulate mitigation practices and to build farm-specific carbon action plans that are feasible from a technical, environmental and socio-economic perspective.


Tools like CAP'2ER®, based on FAO LEAP methodologies, are able to measure and monitor emissions reductions and carbon sequestration at both farm and country level. The data collected are included in a national database, which acts as an observatory by tracking, amongst others, application and project impact.


To date, 750 technicians and advisers have been trained on CAP'2ER®, assisting with the assessment of 12,000 cattle farms and the set up of their carbon mitigation action plans. In 2019, 500 farmers have embraced carbon footprint improvement and applied for carbon certification.


In parallel, the France Carbon Agri Association was recently set up with the aim to incentivize farmers in taking climate action and adopting best practices in cattle management.


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