Looking for a united approach to end hunger

A high-level meeting in Africa

01/07/2013 - 

Heads of State and Government of African Union Member States, together with representatives of international organizations, civil society organizations, private sector, cooperatives, farmers, youths, academia and other partners have unanimously adopted a Declaration to end hunger in Africa during the high-level meeting co-organized by the African Union, FAO and Lula Institute held in Addis Ababa last week.

The declaration aims at promoting sustainable agricultural development with social protection and recognizes the importance of engaging non-state actors to ensure food security.

The 3-day meeting allowed for non-state actors and governments alike to discuss and exchange their views and positions on agricultural development in Africa, and provided a space for dialogue which resulted in a truly multi-stakeholder contribution towards the way forward in ending hunger in Africa.

As FAO Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva said “To end hunger in Africa or almost anywhere in the world, it will not be enough to simply increase the production of food. Instead, we must acknowledge and address the many interconnected factors that keep people from being food secure, including poverty and persistent social and economic inequalities and lack of access”.

The objectives of this meeting included renewed commitment on a common set of principles, policies and strategies aligned with the Zero Hunger Strategy and providing necessary support to the key actors involved.

In the following interviews, you will listen to the two non-state actors’ spokespersons:

- Dr. Lindewe Sibanda, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Mission, FANRPAN (Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network)

- Dr. Sipho Moyo, Africa Director of ONE