South-south Cooperation
27 Mar 2020
In the last 20 years, project partner countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru, where 80 percent of cotton production is in the hands of family farmers or small-scale agriculture, have faced a decrease in cotton production, affecting the potential of thousands of farming families to generate income. South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC) represents an opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, generating innovation in terms of technology and management of the cotton sector in the countries involved in the +Cotton Project. Through the +Cotton Project, a regional network of more than 70 public and private sector...
South-south Cooperation
20 Mar 2020
After more than two decades of increasing collaboration FAO and China established in 2009 the FAO–China South–South Cooperation Programme, with a trust fund of USD 80 million provided by China. Highlighting the voices of beneficiary farmers and smallholders, as well as FAO Director-General QU Dongyu, this video demonstrates the grassroots impact of the FAO-China South-South Cooperation Programme over the last ten years. Farmers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mongolia and Uganda share their experiences with the Programme, describing how it has improved their production, nutrition, environment, and overall life and livelihood.  Key results of the FAO-China South-South Cooperation Programme:  • More...
Resource Partners
12 Mar 2020
Разработанный Министерством сельского хозяйства и ФАО проект поможет 240 000 мелких фермеров в уязвимых сельских общинах
Гавана/Рим - Сегодня Совет Зеленого климатического фонда утвердил ассигнование в размере $119 млн на разработанный при участии ФАО проект по повышению устойчивости к изменению климата уязвимых сельских общин на Кубе.    Сам Зеленый климатический фонд выделит $38,2 млн, а правительство Кубы предоставит $81,7 млн в качестве софинансирования по проекту, который должен помочь 240 000 человек. Об этом было объявлено сегодня на заседании...
South-south Cooperation
02 Mar 2020
For many people around the world, cotton is a safety net. As a crop resistant to climatic changes, it can be planted in dry and arid zones and represents a real economic lifeline in rural areas where there are high levels of poverty. South-South and Triangular Cooperation is all about: sharing lessons across countries with similar challenges, learning what works for development and empowering each other in the process.
South-south Cooperation
25 Feb 2020
25 February 2020, Brussels, Belgium - Sharing and disseminating information amongst African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries and subsequently between them and other developing countries of the Global South, is of central importance.  In order to share experiences of the progress made by the ACP Group and its partners in addressing the challenges in implementing the Agenda 2030 SDGs, a wide range of stakeholders, have gathered today in Brussels, including representatives of ACP Member States, Secretariat Experts, CPLP/PALOP, EU Parliament, European Commission and Council, Belgian Government, financial institutions, emerging economies’ countries, UN Agencies, private sector, civil society and academia. The one-day Symposium...
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