Private Sector
08 Jul 2015
New agreement could serve as model for future public-private partnerships
8 July 2015, Rome -- Autogrill, the multinational company known for its motorway and airport restaurants in 30 countries, is partnering with FAO to cut down food waste and losses and support the introduction of products of small-scale farmers in developing countries, the UN agency announced today. Under the three-year agreement, FAO will provide Autogrill with tools to track and reduce food losses and waste across its more than 4000 stores and design information materials and campaigns to raise awareness among Autogrill customers worldwide about waste reduction. "We're excited to collaborate with a major multinational restaurant chain like Autogrill on making its market...
Private Sector
22 Jun 2015
Director-General meets Rabobank board to enlarge FAO’s flagship partnership
22 June, 2015, Utrecht - FAO and the Dutch Rabobank Foundation will scale up their collaboration after two years of successful initiatives in East Africa. "This is a flagship partnership for FAO," Director-General José Graziano da Silva, said in an address today to the foodFIRST conference here, which this year is focused on the future of farming and food security in Africa.
08 Jun 2015
Submission of applications can be done from 02 June to 31 October 2015 for any of the five categories of Award
Date palms are vital for the livelihoods of people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries in the Near East. They provide sustenance, building materials, shade and a source of income. Since 1965, FAO is proud to be part of the efforts to promote date palms and recognizes that the UAE are at the forefront of regional and international efforts to sustainably produce date palms. In the spring of 2015, two date palm oases in the UAE have joined the growing number of ecosystems that are formally recognized by FAO for their importance as repositories of genetic resources, biodiversity...
South-south Cooperation
07 Jun 2015
Focus on knowledge exchanges for sustainable agriculture, value chains
7 June 2015, Rome - China and FAO today signed a $50 million agreement to support developing countries in building sustainable food systems and inclusive agricultural value chains, recognizing the growing importance of collaboration between Southern countries in the fight against extreme hunger and poverty...
Private Sector
03 Jun 2015
Партнерство поможет общинам, зависимым от лесов, во Вьетнаме участвовать в цепочках поставок – Положительный опыт может привести к аналогичным усилиям в других странах.
ФАО и ИKEA-Швеция договорились сегодня о начале совместного проекта по сертификации лесной продукции, направленного на содействие устойчивому управлению лесными ресурсами и расширение прав и возможностей общин, зависимых от лесов, во Вьетнаме.