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South-south Cooperation
05 Sep 2018
Providing cities with the opportunity to measure their impact in strengthening local food policies
The fourth edition of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) Mayors Summit, which has brought together cities from all around the world to discuss best ways to reach a sustainable development of their food systems, is coming to an end today. This year, mayors from over 176 cities that pledged in 2015 to fight against hunger, malnutrition and food waste, met in Tel Aviv to exchange information on the progress made towards implementing sustainable food policies and discuss key issues relating to healthy and sustainable nutrition, food waste reduction, food supply in an era of...
Parliamentary alliances
04 Sep 2018
FAO destacó conducción de la ex senadora mexicana Luisa María Calderón y saluda al senador paraguayo Hugo Richer, quien fue elegido de forma unánime por legisladores de 19 países de la región.
South-south Cooperation
25 Jul 2018
A high-level delegation from the Afghanistan Food Security and Nutrition Agenda (AFSeN-A) visited Bangladesh to learn about multi-sectoral and inter-ministerial coordination and governance in Food Security and Nutrition
  A 13-member delegation of high-level government officials and members of the Afghanistan Food Security and Nutrition Agenda (AFSeN-A), led by H.E. Nasrullah Arsalai, Director General of the Afghan Council of Ministers’ Secretariat, spent five days in Bangladesh learning how multi-sectoral and inter-ministerial coordination and governance can help improve food security and nutrition. The South-South cooperation study visit was carried out under the joint FAO – European Union initiative on “Food and Nutrition Security, Impact, Resilience, Sustainability and Transformation (FIRST)” Programme. The scope of the mission...
19 Jul 2018
Contribuer à la gestion durable de la faune et au développement d’une agriculture plus durable et plus productive permettant de lutter contre la faim, la malnutrition et la pauvreté, sont au cœur des initiatives menées par la FAO en Afrique centrale et au Gabon en particulier. Dans le cadre du projet gestion durable de la faune couvrant 12 pays africains, dont le Gabon, le Congo et la République démocratique du Congo,  et financé par l’Union Européenne à hauteur de EUR 45 millions, Hélder Muteia, Coordonnateur du Bureau Sous-régional, FAOSFC, a eu une séance de travail avec Denis...