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10 Nov 2016
Multiple and substantial results for FAO unearmarked fund in 2015. Several projects with strong potential for scale-up.
Significant results were achieved by projects supported by the FAO Multipartner Programme Support Mechanism (FMM) in 2015, as outlined by the FMM 2015 Annual Report now available. The FMM is a funding mechanism for partners willing to contribute unearmarked funds or slightly earmarked funds. Created in 2010, the FMM is currently supported by the Kingdoms of Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.  The FMM has been conceived as a tool to support FAO’s Strategic Framework.  “The FMM is unique as it gives FAO the freedom to allocate funds where the Organization believes they are most needed and effective to achieve FAO’s Strategic Objectives approved...
09 Nov 2016
Legislators from Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Europe will discuss legal strategies to fight hunger and tackle climate change in a comprehensive way
More than 100 lawmakers from Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Spain highlighted the imperative need to act against the effects of climate change through legislation, at the opening of the VII Forum of the Parliamentary Front against Hunger. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, the Parliamentary Fronts against Hunger are key to enforcing the commitments of the Paris Agreements and the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22), especially those closely...
03 Nov 2016
The Memorandum of Understanding signed today is based on the exchange of experience, knowledge and expertise
Today, FAO and Sapienza entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to underline their long-standing collaboration on the themes of Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture, among others.  The MoU, signed by the Rector of Sapienza, Prof Eugenio Gaudio and by the FAO Deputy Director General for Operations, Mr. Daniel Gustafson, is defined by a solid plan of work based on sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise, promoting innovative research techniques and developing capacities.  The collaboration focuses on four particular areas of work: strengthening statistic and data analysis,strengthening food safety and quality within a ‘’Food Systems” approach, increasing the role and contribution of...
01 Nov 2016
Cooperation among the southern countries innovatively brings practical and cost-effective development solutions for food security
Dubai, Tuesday 1 November 2016. South-South Cooperation among the Global South is a fundamental tool achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030, conveyed FAO today at a joint event with Rome-based Agencies at the United Nations Global South-South Development Expo in Dubai this week. Rome-based Agencies expressed their firm commitment to facilitating South-South Cooperation (SSC) and Triangular Cooperation (TrC), offering their services in brokering “match-making” between countries for agricultural development, stressing that SSC is a complementary tool to North-South Cooperation. “We all need to work together in the context of the big agenda set out by the SDGs,” said...
28 Oct 2016
Donation of $150,000 aims to support countries of the global South
The Republic of the Sudan has donated $150,000 to support the work of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), a unique international coordinating body for policy issues related to food and nutrition, hosted by FAO. The funds will help CFS strengthen the governance of food security and nutrition in countries of the global South. Following a call for assistance from FAO, a donation agreement was signed between Sudan and the UN Agency, which will administer the contributions through its multi-donor trust fund. The project will be completed by the end of 2017. "CFS needs long term investment by all...