Parliamentary alliances
14 Aug 2020
Parliamentarians gather to examine their role in mitigating the gender-differentiated impacts of COVID-19 on food systems
On July 22, parliamentarians met with members of farmers’ organizations and rural women’s networks for a virtual dialogue on advancing gender equality in the context of family farming. The discussion centred on the potential of rural women to contribute to sustainable agriculture and food systems, and addressed both the challenges they currently face and the actions that parliamentarians can take to support rural women entrepreneurs and women family farmers, during the current COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.The virtual meeting was the second in a series of dialogues organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO),...
10 Aug 2020
On 31 July, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), based in Uganda, brought together representatives of universities, research institutions, family farmer organizations, and government agencies for a virtual meeting to discuss and reflect on how universities and research institutions in Africa can support family farmers during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.Family farming, which predominantly relies on family labour, provides livelihoods to over 70 percent of the population in sub-Saharan Africa and accounts for 85 percent of the investments in agriculture in terms of...
03 Aug 2020
Accra – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Regional Office for Africa has launched an Africa regional COVID-19 response package and called for greater partnerships and investments to strengthen the region’s food security and agriculture during and after the pandemic. The launch took place at today’s Online Regional Dialogue on the COVID-19 response, hosted by FAO. The dialogue brought together development partners, government representatives, technical experts, the private sector, civil society, producer organizations, research institutions and others to consult on priority areas in the COVID-19 response and recovery, and to discuss opportunities to deepen partnerships in the...
South-south Cooperation
31 Jul 2020
The latest FAO-China South-South Cooperation (SSC) Programme fact-sheet was launched today. It touches on the importance and uniqueness of South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) approaches to support countries facing transboundary challenges, such as high-impact transboundary animal diseases (TADs). This edition showcases the achievements brought about by the joint initiative between the SSC Programme, FAO’s Strategic Programme and technical units involved in the control of TADs. The core accomplishment of this initiative has been the empowering of recipient countries and landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) to become providers of knowledge and expertise via SSTC – in this particular case study in Zimbabwe, for the...
Resource Partners
29 Jul 2020
FAO Regional Office for Africa Africa Regional Dialogue “Joint action on COVID-19: Boosting our Africa Food and Agriculture Response” African Ministers for Agriculture have emphasized the importance of ensuring food security and nutrition, and continuing agricultural activities during the response to COVID-19 – including production, marketing, harvesting, storage and value addition.
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