South-south Cooperation
21 Dec 2020
South–South Cooperation (SSC) is the mutual sharing and exchange of development solutions between developing countries, including knowledge, experiences and good practices, policies, technology and resources. The project in Uganda (Phases I and II) under the FAO-China SSC Programme is among the Programme’s longest and most successful collaborations. The publication Voices from the field: Personal stories from the FAO-China South-South Cooperation Project in the Republic of Uganda, contains the personal stories of some of the project participants, beneficiaries, and stakeholders. Their stories highlight the personal and community-level effects that the project has created. Their stories will also...
Parliamentary alliances
16 Dec 2020
Globally there are estimated 1.21 billion people aged between 15 and 24, a number that will increase to 1.29 billion by 2030. In Africa only, more than 10 million young people are expected to enter the labour market every year for the next decade. This growing youth population, especially in developing countries, represents a great opportunity for harnessing a demographic dividend, but also economic and social challenges, which could lead to political instability or conflict. With the COVID-19 crisis exacerbating existing vulnerabilities of rural young women and men and inequalities, it is crucial to design inclusive...
Resource Partners
15 Dec 2020
Продовольственная и сельскохозяйственная организация Объединенных Наций (ФАО) приветствовала недавнее решение Совета Глобального экологического фонда (ГЭФ) утвердить выделение 78,5 млн долл. США на финансирование 13 проектов, реализуемых под руководством ФАО в 16 странах. Участники 59-го заседания Совета ГЭФ приняли это решение на основании решения от июля 2020 года, которым было утверждено выделение средств на финансирование проектов, реализуемых под руководством ФАО, в общем размере 176 млн долл. США.
South-south Cooperation
11 Dec 2020
A city-to city cooperation project for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on food waste reduction at urban level. Food management all along the value chain, from cultivation to food waste disposal, is central to safeguarding food security and responding to environmental concerns.  In 2019, FAO launched its Framework for the Urban Food Agenda which called for a multisector and multi-stakeholder approach for leveraging sub-national and local government action to ensure sustainable food systems and improved nutrition. In line with this framework, the project “Exchange of knowledge and experiences between Milan Municipality (Italy), Nairobi City County (Kenya) and Kigali (Rwanda) for the design...
Parliamentary alliances
08 Dec 2020
Parliamentarians meet to identify policy solutions
Rome - Family farming has the potential to lead the world in a transformation towards more sustainable, healthy and nutritious food and agricultural systems. In a world where hunger and malnutrition are on the rise, family farming can be part of the solution. However, this will require sound policies, investments and institutional frameworks that adequately support family farmers.   Building an enabling environment for family farmers means that there are adequate resources in place, and that governance and institutional arrangements are effective and inclusive. Parliamentarians, with their legislative, budgetary and oversight responsibilities, are uniquely positioned to contribute to the...
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