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Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship leads capacity development course at FAO Headquarters

22/11/2013 - 

22 November 2013, Rome - In an effort to strengthen FAO’s engagement with the private sector, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) conducted a capacity development course at FAO headquarters this week. Over thirty FAO staff participated in the intensive five-day training, including private sector focal points from technical divisions and representatives from the Office for Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development (OPC).

The BCCCC program at FAO marks the first time corporate citizenship training has been offered in a UN setting. Instructors from BCCCC worked with OPC Private Sector Team leader Annamaria Pastore over a number of months to tailor the course curriculum to address how private sector partnerships can be executed against FAO’s five strategic objectives.

The course examined principles and strategies of corporate citizenship from the private sector perspective, including practical frameworks and tools commonly applied by corporations to advance corporate citizenship. Participants engaged in daily exercises to analyse specific challenges faced by FAO in partnering with the private sector, with the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss solutions.

Nadine Valat, a Senior Program Officer from the Donor Liaison and Resource Mobilization Team (TCSR), said of her experience: “The training provided a most valuable opportunity to learn more about meaningful and relevant partnerships developed by other colleagues. These examples were inspiring and fostered interesting thoughts and comments about lessons learned. The sessions triggered several lively discussions on themes including the types of partners FAO should or could engage with, and how to identify partnership opportunities corresponding to the Organization's needs.  It was refreshing to witness the level of engagement and commitment to make partnerships work at FAO."

OPC will synthesize the insight and feedback gained by course participants to strengthen existing partnership strategies.

Participants who completed the course received a Certificate of Practice in Corporate Citizenship.