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Partnerships in action

Partnerships are at the heart of FAO's mission to help build consensus for a world without hunger. The effectiveness and credibility of the Organization as a policy-making forum and unique multilingual centre of excellence, knowledge and technical expertise depends to a considerable degree on its ability to work and develop strategic partnerships to harness efforts to eradicate hunger. Please find in this section which are the current partnerships in action.

Civil society representatives met at FAO to assess the last five years of the Committee for World Food Security (CFS) during the annual forum of the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM).This video is an insight on their views about civil society's participation in issues related to food, agriculture and nutrition, and their contribution to the CFS.

Este video fue producido con ocasión del Décimo Aniversario de las Directrices sobre el #DerechoALaAlimentación, adoptadas por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y Agricultura (FAO). Para ello, la Red Mundial por el Derecho a la Alimentación y Nutrición junto con otras organizaciones de la sociedad civil y movimientos sociales unen sus fuerzas para evaluar la situación del#DerechoALaAlimentación y hacen un llamado para renovar compromisos para su pleno cumplimiento.

The FAO Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization team explains five practical steps to developing a resource mobilization strategy and action plan. 

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