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27 May 2016
This publication examines 70 PPP cases from 15 developing countries to better understand the approach various countries have used in developing PPPs for agri-food systems around the world.   It includes a summary of the main lessons learned and recommendations on how to enable more effective partnerships with the private sector through improved public skills and more effective institutions.
08 Aug 2014
This document aims to promote responsible investments in agriculture and food systems that contribute to food security and nutrition and support the progressive realisation of the right to adequate food.
29 Nov 2013
This document complements the FAO guidelines for the Country Programming Framework (CPF). These guidelines illustrate how to engage the private sector in the CPF process
01 Nov 2013
The strategy informs FAO’s Member States, staff, and the private sector with FAO’s strategic approach and framework for partnerships with the private sector.
22 Jun 2013
This document presents FAO’s Vision, Global Goals and Strategic Objectives.
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