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08 Oct 2019
The pressures on global land and water resources are greater than at any other time in human history. Rapidly increasing populations and rising levels of consumption are placing ever-larger demands on our natural capital. Current land use patterns are leading to degradation, desertification, deforestation, flooding, silting up of reservoirs and waterways, and falling levels of agricultural production, while biodiversity loss and climate change further jeopardize the health and productivity of land.   ABOUT THE PROJECT
07 Oct 2019
Smallholder agriculture remains the main economic activity in sub-Saharan Africa and employs the majority of the people. It accounts for approximately 80 percent of all farms and directly employs about 175 million people (OECD/FAO, 2016). Smallholder farmers also play a key role in increasing food supplies.   ABOUT THE PROJECT In collaboration with: Rabobank Foundation, a corporate foundation that supports cooperatives and member-based organizations through microfinance mechanisms. The foundation assists smallholder farmers and their cooperatives in rural areas. Timeframe: 2013–2019 Benefitting: Smallscale producers and producers’ associations Geographic coverage: Ethiopia and
07 Oct 2019
Soil is a vital and finite resource that is integral to our ecosystems and human well-being and critical for guaranteeing food security and nutrition. Soil is the basis for plant growth and contributes to the maintenance of natural and planted vegetation, and helps to produce 95 percent of our food (FAO, 2015). Through plant growth, soil also plays an important role in supporting animal biodiversity above ground, including wildlife and livestock. Finally, soils improve resilience to floods, droughts and impacts of climate change.   ABOUT THE PROJECT In collaboration with: 
07 Oct 2019
Smallholder farming is the predominant sector in the rural economy of Latin America, producing more than 60 percent of the basic food supply in many countries (CEPAL, FAO and IICA, 2014). Besides playing a central role in national food security and nutrition, smallholder farming also represents an important source of rural employment.   ABOUT THE PROJECT In collaboration with: Telefónica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by market capitalization and number...
20 Jul 2015
20/07/2015 - Kuehne Foundation and FAO signed an agreement last year to cooperate in supporting rural livelihoods through improved logistics. The combined capacities of both organizations increase the impact of their respective efforts to reduce food losses and waste. Kuehne Foundation and FAO are working together to respond to the increasing amount of crises and emergencies to increase the resilience of livelihoods from disasters. Martin Willhaus, Managing director from Kuehne Foundation reflects on the results of the partnership so far and the importance of boosting public-private partnerships as FAO is doing. Why is enhancing logistics in the agro-food systems so important for...
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