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Here below is a list of useful documents with information on collaboration between FAO and the private sector. The list includes Key Documents, Guidelines and Best Practices that can assist in identifying and engaging with key private sector actors, facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues and strengthen cooperation.


FAO Strategy for Partnerships with the Private Sector

The strategy informs FAO’s Member States, staff, and the private sector with FAO’s strategic approach and framework for partnerships with the private sector.

Organization-wide Strategy on Partnerships

The strategy is designed to promote a more systematic use of partnerships and to provide practical guidance to FAO units and partners to facilitate the selection, prioritization, development and management of new or renewed partnerships.

FAO Reviewed Strategic Framework

This document presents FAO’s Vision, Global Goals and Strategic Objectives.

Resource Mobilization and Management Strategy

The strategy aims to achieve adequate, more predictable and sustainable voluntary contributions that fully support the achievement of FAO’s objectives.

Principles and Guidelines

Principles and Guidelines for FAO Cooperation with the Private Sector

This document which is currently under review provides a general framework for staff to expand and intensify the organization’s cooperation with the private sector.

Guidelines for involving Private Sector entities in the Country Programming Framework Process

This document complements the FAO guidelines for the Country Programming Framework (CPF). These guidelines illustrate how to engage the private sector in the CPF process

Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security

These guidelines serve as a reference and provide guidance to improve the governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests with the goal of achieving food security for all.

Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI)

This document aims to promote responsible investments in agriculture and food systems that contribute to food security and nutrition and support the progressive realisation of the right to adequate food.

Guidelines on Cooperation between the United Nations and the Business Sector

The guidelines aim to facilitate the formulation and implementation of partnerships between the United Nations and the Business Sector in a manner that ensures the integrity and independence of the UN. They are intended to serve as a common framework for all organizations of the UN, as well as a framework for the other Organizations of the UN system. FAO’s Strategy for Partnerships with the Private Sector and its Principles and Guidelines for Cooperation with the Private Sector are informed by these guidelines.

Best Practices

Publications, Case Studies and other Reports

FAO produced a series of country case studies on Agribusiness public-private partnerships which a result of appraisals of PPPs initiated in 2010 and implemented in15 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.