Relations et mobilisation des ressources
15 Jan 2020
Japan has been among FAO’s foremost partners since the country joined the Organization in 1951, working to build food security and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. The country’s financial contributions, expertise and human capital are vital to FAO’s work on a broad range of topics, including international standard-setting, climate change mitigation and adaptation, response to transboundary plant and animal pests and diseases, nutrition, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, and emergency response and resilience-building.
08 Nov 2019
The 2019 Report of the Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) examines the role of the TCP to deliver FAO technical assistance for agriculture, food and nutrition in response to countries’ most pressing needs. The first in a new series of annual TCP reports, it provides insights to FAO Members, governments and other stakeholders on the tangible and lasting achievements of TCP-funded projects completed in 2018. It also features a foreword by the Director-General, setting the tone for the further development of the Programme.
04 Nov 2019
This report aims to provide an overview of Switzerland's strong partnership and valuable contribution to the work of FAO in recent years, bringing together their individual set of unique skills to the table to help resolve myriad challenges relating to food security, nutrition, resilience and sustainability. Working in close partnership with resource partners is the only way we can move forward and achieve a world where hunger no longer exists.
23 Sep 2019
This second edition of FAO’s resource mobilization annual report, Resources, Partnerships, Impact – 2019, seeks to communicate, in a transparent and accountable way, who FAO is, what we do, and how we work with
03 Jul 2019
Depuis la création de l’Organisation pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO), la France a été un partenaire actif et généreux, collaborant étroitement avec l’organisation afin de soutenir des objectifs communs en matière de sécurité alimentaire et de développement agricole. Le soutien de la France se caractérise d’une part par ses contributions financières et le détachement d’experts techniques français de haut niveau, et d’autre part par ses efforts pour renforcer la place des questions d’agriculture et d’alimentation dans les priorités de la communauté internationale et créer une gouvernance mondiale inclusive favorisant la participation de tous les acteurs concernés au niveau mondial, régional...
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