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Strengthening Food Safety in Viet Nam

Food safety has long been an issue in Viet Nam, concerning both consumers and government officials. Through the adoption of the Food Safety Law 2010 and subordinate instruments, the Government framed the mechanisms and structures for modern food safety management; however, improvement was still very slow. It was therefore necessary to review the current legislation, procedures and structure of food safety management in the country, and provide recommendations to restructure the concerned agencies and institutions. 

Resultados obtenidos

Key problems of the food safety system were identified, and recommendations were produced to streamline and enhance food safety management within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). As a result of the project interventions, MARD embarked on conducting regular and ad hoc inspections of hygiene and safety in food production and trade among 21 000 agribusinesses. It also banned 300 types of pesticides, and planned to strengthen public awareness on food hygiene and safety regulations. Observations and recommendations produced during the project, together with the active discussions that were held, led to the relevant ministries and stakeholders acknowledging their roles in enhancing food safety in the country, and resolved the major issue on fragmented coordination among the ministries. The project also directly contributed to providing a direction and road map for the implementation of the food safety system.


Food safety in the country was considerably strengthened, as a result of the enhanced capacities of MARD.


  • Discussions held at ministerial level (MARD, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade), and with the concerned agencies and departments within MARD, to capture the current regulatory framework, structure and institutional arrangements and implementation systems (at national and provincial levels).
  • Review conducted of legislative and regulatory framework, institutional arrangements in terms of structure, and implementation aspects (systems and procedures), specifically within MARD; and ways for improvement recommended.
  • Consultation workshop organized with all the stakeholders to present the recommendations, where draft document was prepared, circulated and discussed with representatives from relevant departments of MARD and other stakeholders
  • Final proposal developed with action points/road map for implementation.
  • Consolidated mission report developed and published.
  • Food Safety Working Group established to resolve repeated food safety incidents in the country.  
Código del proyecto: TCP/VIE/3503
Título del proyecto: Review of Food Safety and Quality Control under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Contacto: FAO Office in Viet Nam / Shashi Sareen (Lead Technical Officer)