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21 Jun 2016
Mercredi dernier, le 15 juin 2016, le Gouvernement du Royaume de Belgique, représenté par le Ministère de la Coopération au développement et la FAO ont signé un nouvel accord-cadre destiné à renforcer la collaboration FAO-Belgique dans le domaine de l’aide humanitaire et du développement, et ont aligné les stratégies de la Belgique concernant les secteurs de l’agriculture durable, de la sécurité alimentaire et de la nutrition sur les Programmes stratégiques de la FAO. Le partenariat historique entre la Belgique et la FAO a fourni à l’Organisation à travers des contributions fixées et volontaires, un soutien considérable et pérenne. La Belgique...
15 Jun 2016
15 June 2016, Brussels - Sustainable rural development is key to addressing hunger, poverty and the other root causes of migration, a growing phenomenon which is undermining  many countries' ability to achieve their development goals, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said today. "The migratory pressures causing major concern at a global level today result from war, conflict and political instability, but FAO also calls for adequate attention to be given to pressures associated with the very root causes of migration," Graziano da Silva told participants at the European Development Days 2016 in Brussels.
13 May 2016
13 May 2016, Rome - The European Union (EU) and FAO have agreed to step up joint efforts to support tropical timber producing countries in curbing illegal logging, improving forest governance and promoting the trade of legally sourced timber. Doing so is expected to not only reduce the environmental impacts of illegal logging and mitigate climate change but will also boost the incomes and food security of forest communities by improving access to domestic and international wood markets.    A $30 million funding agreement was formalized here today by Veronique Lorenzo of the European Commission Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development,...
22 Apr 2016
FAO has agreed to support Kuwait formulate a partnership programme for agricultural development aimed at enhancing the country’s aquaculture and water sectors, tackle livestock diseases and boost technical skills.
08 Apr 2016
8 April 2016, Abidjan - Results achieved through Africa Solidarity Trust Fund (ASTF) financed projects are adding momentum to the vision of Africa- Africa cooperation to achieve food security across the continent.  The fund, which was set up in 2012, is widely seen as an innovative mechanism for mobilizing resources from one African country for the benefit of another, promoting intra-Africa collaboration, also known as South-South Cooperation.  Since 2013, contributions have reached $40 million, with Equatorial Guinea and Angola being the major financial contributors. To-date, the fund has allocated $ 34.5 million to 15 regional programmes and national projects which are being...