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Public interest in food and agriculture issues and political commitment to achieving zero hunger are at an all-time high. Many countries today are making progress in the fight against hunger, and a global drive towards total eradication is under way. Meanwhile, FAO has been changing and reshaping itself to focus on core strengths through a renewed Strategic Framework. FAO is looking closely at the economics of hunger, trade issues, climate change and environmental sustainability of food systems, and also at the need to guarantee not only caloric intake, but also good nutrition. Equally important is a reinvigorated approach to partnerships. FAO’s work together with its partners is producing many concrete results in the drive to end hunger.

The Informal Meeting intended to attract, strengthen and reinforce partnership with FAO, and to join forces to deliver on results sought by FAO’s new Strategic Framework. It aimed to present the challenges that need to be addressed and highlight how partnering with FAO can make a difference. Partnering for Results has l been a half day meeting during which FAO Members and key partners had the opportunity to share their views, expectations and priorities for FAO.